My letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Donald J. Trump,
My name is Daniel Hoang, I’m twelve years old, and I live in Howard County, Maryland. My dad introduced me to the Donald when I was nine, but I started really admiring you and reading your books when I was eleven. I admired you because you were living my dream. You had a beautiful wife, your name on beautiful buildings, money to burn, and even a second generation to take over when you’re gone. My dad extremely admires you because, not only did you become successful and rich, but you led your children to do the same. He says not many people can do that, and I agree. Most billionaires and millionaires, when they die and their kids are in charge of the fortune, they squander it, but not your kids. My sisters admire your daughter, Ivanka very much because she is attractive and smart. Another reason my dad and I admire you is because you want to share your knowledge with the public. You are very bold about your ideas and suggestions. You have made a huge impact on my life. Your books are the map to my success. I would love to stay at any of your hotels, even for one night, but it’s too expensive for us right now. We just bought a new car because the old one got hit by a truck, and there’s hospital bills that the insurance companies refuse to pay. I would like to ask for some sort of discount for any of your hotels but that seems cheap. But anyways, I wrote this letter to you mainly to seek advice for a twelve year old boy with a dream to become you almost. There are some questions below that you can answer and send back to me. But I understand that you are a busy man so no pressure responding.
If you could offer a first-time entrepreneur, or in my case: future first time entrepreneur, only one piece of advice, what would it be?
In the beginning, what motivated you to become an entrepreneur and what can motivate me?
What’s the single most important reason for your success?
Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood about entrepreneurship before you ever got started?
What systems have you set up in your business to help it grow?
Besides money, what are your favorite ways to compensate people?
What are your impressions of me? If bad, how can I improve that?
What did you want to be when you grow up, besides a movie star?

What’s your greatest fear as an entrepreneur?

How much money do you think I could make if I started a business like yours, like when I can own real estate?
How do get money to build those great buildings?
Again, no rush on the questions, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did.

Sincerely Daniel Hoang

P.S. I am very disappointed that you didn’t run for president, but I respect your decision.

Anything I can add or take out. Tell me what you think about the letter.

Why I admire Akio Toyoda

Akio ToyodaAkio Toyoda is a certificated test driver, too.

If anyone here subscribes to “Fortune” magazine, you might have seen this. On volume 185, number 3, the cover story was “Toyota Back On Track” As most of you may know, Toyota has been on a rough road for the last years. People are beginning to doubt Toyota quality. And Toyota went through almost every large company crippling event I know of. From massive recalls to natural disasters. Yet Toyota prevailed. With the leadership of the company founder’s grandson, Akio Toyoda. I admire Akio Toyoda because he is a strong leader with great compassion. Who else would recall 3.8 million vehicles just because of one fatal car crash?